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A step back in time

The Lovat stands on the site of Kilwhimen Barracks, one of four built in 1718.

The west curtain wall of the old fort, 34 metres long by 4 metres high in some places, still stands in the hotel grounds and the monument is of national importance as the remains of one of the four Hanoverian forts built to pacify the highlanders after the 1715 and 1719 Jacobite uprisings.

The first recorded date of the site being used as a hotel was thought to have been in 1869, when it was a station hotel, known simply as “The Inn”.  However, when the railway was built through Fort Augustus to Spean Bridge, the name changed to “The Lovat Arms and Station Hotel”.  The railway line opened on 22 July 1903 and was closed completely on 31 December 1946.  When the railway closed down, the hotel became “The Lovat Arms Hotel”.

David and Geraldine Gregory of The Torridon acquired the property in June 2005, with their daughter Caroline.  Their combined valuable hotel knowledge and experience propelled The Lovat forward as a leading hotel in the Highlands, with an eco-conscious ethos at its core.  Both David & Geraldine retired in 2015, when son-in-law & Head Chef, Sean, bought their share of the business to create an additional bond with wife, Caroline.

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