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I love lemon curd…it sits proudly on the shelf with other preserves however it doesn’t really fit within the jam category as it is not jam packed (pardon the pun) full of sugar and the addition of eggs makes it more like a custard…

Well, whatever the ingredients, it is definitely yummy, easy to make and is versatile.  We offer it at breakfast on natural yoghurt and on toast or in the evening as a filling to boost our tasty desserts.  Here’s our recipe which we use for our signature lemon cheesecake dessert in the restaurant.



135g                unsalted butter (chilled and cubed)

300g               caster sugar

3                      eggs

100g                lemon juice

Zest                 3 lemons


We’d love to see any photos of your lemon curd creations…try lime, carrot or orange too!

Happy Cooking!

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Post by Caroline Gregory

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