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Even though the story behind the plot on 5th November is quite sinister, there has always been something quite magical about bonfire night.

The story of Guy Fawkes who planned the failed Westminster gunpowder plot of 1605 seems to disappear into the shadows whilst the huge bonfire and as many fireworks as possible, lighting up the night sky, take front and centre stage.  People huddled in groups keeping warm, the sounds of “ooooooohhhhhh’s” and “aaaahhhhhhhhhh’s” coming from amazed faces.  Youngsters wearing mittens and spelling their names in the sky with sparklers.  Covering their ears, their mouths wide open in awe as the large fireworks explode into the darkness.  That feeling of the bonfire heat on your cold face.  There are so many magical things about bonfire night, what’s your favourite thing about 5th November?

As the rhyme says – “Remember, remember the fifth of November” …. What are you going to do?

Saturday, 2nd November

Bonfire night at Dochgarroch Locks

A family friendly event raising money for the RNLI and local primary school.  A night full of fireworks, food, and entertainment.  Bonfire will be lit at 6:00pm, fireworks start at 7:15pm.

Monday, 4th November

Loch Ness by Jacobite annual bonfire & fireworks 2019

Team Jacobite are delighted to welcome you all back to the annual Fireworks Display at Dochgarroch Locks, raising money for Mikeys Line.  All ticket money will be donated to Mikeys Line as well as any proceeds raised on the night.  A night full of fireworks, food, and entertainment.  Bonfire will be lit at 6:00pm, fireworks start at 7:15pm.

Tuesday, 5th November

Inverness Civic bonfire & fireworks display

Sponsored by the Inverness Common Good Fund the Highland Council’s annual Guy Fawkes Night Celebration at Bught Park on the banks of the River Ness is one of the highlights on the year.  A night full of fireworks, food, entertainment, and it’s very own funfair.  Funfair starts at 5:30pm, the bonfire will be lit at 7:30pm, and fireworks start at 7:55pm.

Whether you’re travelling to or from your chosen fireworks display why not stop in at our Waypoint Bar to grab a heart-warming hot chocolate?

The Lovat Loch Ness the perfect place to…. Warm up!

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