A sense of place

Here, you can slow right down and connect with nature in powerful and authentic ways. We beckon the seasons in and bring them to life with imaginative and whimsical touches. Prepare to delve into the beautiful natural environment that surrounds us, and delight your taste buds at Station Road, our legendary on-site restaurant.

About Us

We honour our roots and look to the future

A family run hotel in the Scottish Highlands, we are careful custodians. Nature-led, we move with the seasons.

Sweet Dreams...

Sleep beautifully in enchanting bedrooms that overlook the iconic Loch Ness.


Our character comes to life in every space

Tastefully eclectic, each beautiful room is a unique haven of loveliness that embraces the seasons as they unfold.

Nature's larder

Every dish is infused with the changing colours, flavours and aromas that each season brings.


Sensational food is at the heart of everything

A dining destination in its own right, every dish is created in harmony with the seasons to create outstanding gastronomy, our way.