We’ve crafted an intriguing environment that brings our unique character to life in all our bedrooms. You’ll find each one infused with fascinating ornaments and décor to raise a smile or provoke a conversation. But there’s also an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility to be found, with a soothing nod to nature in each one, to match the views over Loch Ness and the countryside that stretches out far beyond.

The Lovat Suite

This exceptional living space comes with a separate sitting area, a kitchenette with all the bits and pieces you need, a king bed, sofa bed and of course, views over the iconic Loch Ness. There’s also a log fire that adds a warm glow.

Grand Master

Everything about this room invites you to slow right down and immerse yourself in the luxury of idling in a beautiful space.

Master Bedrooms with Loch Ness view

A haven of beauty, find traditional furnishings and a snug seating area where you can sit back and gaze out across Loch Ness.

Master Bedrooms

Traditional furnishings, luxurious amenities and a comfy seating area where you can sit back and relax.

The Lovat Loft with Loch Ness view

Individual designed with comfort in mind. Elegance and modern furnishings complimented with views of Loch Ness

The Lovat Loft

Brimming with personality, each of these rooms have charming, individual designs and modern furnishings.


Our dog welcoming rooms are located in their own private quarters next to the hotel and come with a wooden enclosure.

Deluxe Rooms

Sunlight streams into these beautiful rooms, all individually designed and have lovely views of the rolling hills and pretty nearby village.