Chef de Rang

Reporting to Food & Beverage Manager
Responsible for team training, product knowledge, dinner reservations, F&B service

Your Purpose

Assist in the daily operation of the department, working directly with the Food & Beverage Manager, Front of House Manager and food and beverage team to drive all daily procedures to ensure an execution of quality and efficiency throughout service. Direct all activities to maintain high standards as well as uphold a consistent and exemplary guest and employee experience.

Expected Behaviours

Open: to new ideas, opinions, changing, owning mistakes.

Commit: to completing tasks and supporting the team and individuals.

Respect: yourself, each other and the environment.

Energy: use empathy, look after yourself and others.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Customer service
  • Restaurant diary management
  • Product knowledge

Expected Leadership Behaviours:

  • Adapt and change
  • Control situations
  • Direct the team

Key Area - Product



  • Manage your own performance across all levels, leading by example
  • Use experience and knowledge to offer the best service in line with ethos of the business

KPI (measurement)

  • Maintain a 4 star, 3 rosette standard, aspiring to 5 star, 4 rosettes
  • Improve your knowledge by reviewing the menus and drinks list daily/weekly and seasonally




  • Communicate feedback with management
  • Focus on the guest and employee’s experience at all times

KPI (measurement)

  • Actively engage with guests on special occasions to make them feel special




  • Inspect quality standards and uphold health and safety regulations, effectively liaising with hotel management regarding maintenance of any equipment
  • Ensure that all activities are carried out honestly, ethically and within the parameters of Scottish Law

KPI (measurement)

  • Assist management making sure all daily fridge temperature records to be up to date
  • Have 2 hours training on liquor licensing and the businesses’ operating plan
  • Manage all cleaning procedures, daily, weekly and monthly




  • Uphold internal communications and processes between the kitchen, front of house and management
  • Review and monitor health, safety and hygiene policies and procedures
  • Control stock, supporting the team with orders and deliveries

KPI (measurement)

  • Attend Restaurant pre-service meetings
  • Lock up the bar and hotel as part of the closing up procedure, rotating between key individuals within the team
  • Help to place orders weekly
  • Assist in any monthly stock takes




  • Manage daily operations and make suitable changes and adjustments to best suit the business
  • Implement any cleaning programs for all service areas, back and front of house

KPI (measurement)

  • Type up any menus for service
  • Update IQPOS daily after any menu changes
  • Ensure that the team are ready for service
  • Make sure that all Restaurant bills are correct at the end of shift and uploaded to all invoices

Key Area - People



  • Identify any gaps in the team and advise management
  • Support HR in any training and development, highlighting areas for improvement

KPI (measurement)

  • Assist in any job trials
  • Train any new staff accordingly




  • Contribute to morale and team spirit by maintaining effective relationships with colleagues
  • Assist in implementation of any training plans, taking responsibility and supporting the team

KPI (measurement)

  • Actively organise and encourage the team to dine in the Restaurant when quiet by posting quiet days on Workplace
  • Supervise service daily, whether breakfast, afternoon tea, events or dinner

Key Area - Profits



  • Manage your time and others, efficiently

KPI (measurement)

  • Absenteeism and lateness at 5% or below




  • Play a broader role in the business being more socially responsible

KPI (measurement)

  • Help the business become BCorp certified
  • Maintain Gold GTBS
  • Commit to completing the 10 steps of The Hospitality Charter