'Mòr' Tasting Menu



Beetroot Tea

Chicken Liver | Toasted Seeds | Green Elderberries

Morangie Brie | Dry Aged Carrot | Mustard


Homegrown Parsley Soup

 Cheese Pancake | Home Cured Ham | Honey | Fennel


Treacle and Beremeal Bannock

Isle of Skye Sea Salt Butter | Chicken Butter


Winter Mushrooms | Aged Cheese | Puffed Potato  


Atlantic Cod | Mussels | Spoots | Celeriac


Highland Lamb | Organic Carrot | Hazelnut | Waste Paste


Honey Custard | Blueberries | Buttermilk


Auld Man’s Milk | Rhubarb | Spruce


Smoked Beef Fat Fudge | Dandelion Root | Juniper


120.00 per person


Whilst we follow best practice at all times, we would like to highlight that all dishes we serve are produced in an environment where allergens are also prepared and cooked. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee the environment will be completely allergen free.

We are currently unable to accommodate these diets and allergies:

Alliums; Dairy; and Vegan

We urge you to have an open mind and we ask for your confidence in our preparation of the dishes; therefore, we do not make menu adaptions for dislikes.  We can alter our menus for vegetarians, pescatarians and strict allergies or intolerances not mentioned above.  We must have at least 48 hours notice to honour this and must be informed when booking.  

If you are making a group booking, it is your responsibility to make us aware of dietary requirements of your party.  Unannounced dietary requirements cannot be catered for on the day and a charge will still be applicable.

Cancellation policy – we respectfully ask you to give notification of cancellation or amendment by 10am on the day of the reservation. Thereafter, there will be a £50 cancellation charge.