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Within the space of four days, my whole life was turned around in September 2016 due to securing a 3-year apprenticeship in The Lovat Hotel here in Fort Augustus. Such was the turn of events, and the speed at which the Apprenticeships’ curriculum was initiated, I have barely had time to draw breath and reflect on an amazing experience which began when I was offered and accepted the Apprenticeship on 28th September 2016.

To date, the end of November, I have been away at a 2-day Induction course in Stirling, and two Edinburgh trips. Meeting apprentices, engaging in workshops, getting tutored in laptop usage for the coursework required have helped strengthen my resolve to succeed in this vocation knowing that I have encouragement and back up from my work colleagues here and fellow apprentices throughout Scotland.

Hearing the experiences from 2nd and 3rd year Apprentices at the Induction in Stirling, gave me an insight as to the highs and lows that our course generates. The passion and enthusiasm shown, touched us all with the absolute desire to succeed within the Hospitality Industry.

I must admit there are days when my “absolute desire to succeed” seems to be a bit out of reach….but I am here to learn, and not making the same mistake again is all part of the learning process!

The staff here have been wonderful to me and always give me a positive boost even if I am feeling the day did not go as well as hoped.

As this is my first time living away from home (a farm on the Black Isle), I have not found this as difficult or as lonely as I had expected. This is solely due to the welcoming staff who have made this a home from home for me.

Each day begins with expectation, realisation and commitment- nothing is ever boring or mundane here at The Lovat Hotel!

Morven McBean (Apprentice)

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Post by Caroline Gregory

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