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Here at the Lovat, we understand that our relationship with you is important and the way to many people’s hearts is food!  We like to think that we create pretty good food – food for you to enjoy.  Chefs can keep their cards close to cookbook but sometimes, we like to let you into our well-kept secrets…our recipes.

With Christmas dinner preparations kicking off all around the country, we thought we’d share a Christmas roasties and gravy recipe with you.  Because we all know that the roasties and gravy are the best bits.

Tremendous Tatties!

Put peeled potatoes into a pan of cold salted water

Bring to the boil for 5 mins


Put potatoes back into the pan

Shake to rough up the edges and dry out

Lightly dust with plain flour

Heat duck fat in a roasting tin in the oven (put onto a naked flake to get very hot if needed)

Add potatoes to the tin & coat with the fat, sprinkle with Isle of Skye sea salt

Roast in the oven at about 190 degrees for about 40 mins or until crisp and golden

Great gravy

Drain off the juices from your roasted turkey

Put juices & a few roasted root vegetables into a pan & heat until the sediment sticks to the bottom of the pan

Pour on chicken stock & whisk until all the sediment is loosened

Strain through a fine strainer then thicken with Xanthan gum (not flour)…about 1g per 1 litre until you get the gravy consistency you want

Happy cooking!

Pop into the Brasserie here at The Lovat Loch Ness and let us know how you got on or post your creations on Facebook.

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Post by Dan Mitchell

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