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Calm down, no need to rush, you still have until mid-August before the Puffins fly off on their jolly winter adventures.  Known as the clowns of the sea due to their appearance, the sharply dressed black and white seabird with colourful beak and red eyes mean they stand out from the crowd.

Between late March and early April, puffins take to the coastal clifftops of Scotland to rear their young.  Once finished, mid-August, they return to the sea heading for the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean in search for food.


It’s best to start planning your day trip now while they’re still here. These little winged jesters can be found off the southern coast of Skye on the Isle of Canna or a little further south off the coast of the Isle of Mull.  Isle of Staffa and Isle of Treshnish are hotspots for puffin sightings, they have very little fear of humans so it’s possible to get very close for those perfect pictures.

There are a number of boat tours that you can book for wildlife tours around the isles, it’s not often you’ll see puffins on the coast of mainland Scotland so to experience these comical creatures up close, I’d recommend researching and booking a boat tour.


If you’re staying with us at the Lovat, speak to a member of staff and they can find some boat tour companies as a suggestion. Maybe you’d also want to order a packed lunch from our Brasserie for you to take on your journey.

The Lovat Loch Ness, the perfect place to… Plan an adventure.

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