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Here at the Lovat, we’re proud to put our hands up and say… ‘iKnow’  Scotland.

Wherever you travel, whether that be on a short holiday break or a lifestyle change, you can’t get better information than from a local.  If you speak to the right person, they will know every nook and cranny, every good bar, every restaurant that fits your needs.  But…where do you find a local that will be willing to part with this information?  Well…we have the answer.

We are now part of Visit Scotland’s iKnow partner programme, this gives us good quality information for all our guests.  Accurate information is crucial to the customer experience and we are able to provide insight into the local area, suggesting things visitors can’t find online such as where to find a meal with locally sourced produce or a warm and cosy cafe. We can now share our passion and pride for our local area so that visitors enjoy their experience and have a positive impact on our local economy.

Visit Scotland’s iKnow partner programme will give us the knowledge of all the locals from all the cities, towns, villages.  Whether that location is just down the road or off the beaten track.  If we don’t know about it, is it even worth knowing about?

We’ve just received our new iKnow Scotland maps with a guide to experience the best of Scotland.  Come and pick yours up today.

While you’re here, why not grab a bite to eat at our Brasserie or a drink in our Waypoint Bar.

The Lovat Loch Ness, the perfect place to… learn from a local.

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Post by Dan Mitchell

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