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Here at the Lovat, we understand that our relationship with you is important and the way to many people’s hearts is food!  We like to think that we create pretty good food – food for you to enjoy.  Chefs can keep their cards close to cook book but sometimes, we like to let you into our well kept secrets…our recipes.

Goat’s cheese mousse complimented with tomato, olive, and cucumber



Variety of cherry tomatoes

Pickling liquid



2          gelatine leaves (softened in water)

225g    feta cheese

150      whipping cream

75g      vegetable stock

1          egg whites (whisked)



500g    tomato juice

25g      vege gel

METHOD – tomatoes

Marinate the tomatoes in the pickling liquid overnight


METHOD – mousse

Heat the stock, add and melt the gelatine then cool

Blitz the cheese and cream then add the cool stock

Chill then fold in the egg whites

Place 45g of the mixture into a piece of cling film then wrap and tighten and tie to resemble tomatoes – either Heritage or cherry – the weight will be different.

Freeze until very firm.

Remove the cling film once frozen and when softened slightly, pierce the top with a cocktail stick then dip in the warm liquid tomato jelly

Allow to thaw then serve


METHOD – jelly

Heat the juice and whisk in the vege gel until dissolved

Test the jelly to make sure it sets


Happy cooking!

Pop into the Brasserie here at The Lovat Loch Ness and let us know how you got on or post your creations on Facebook.

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Post by Dan Mitchell

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