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Here at the Lovat, we’re true believers in silver linings, a glass half full, we are the true optimists.  And as the days become shorter, and the temperature takes a turn for the worse, we look forward to our winter enjoyments…the smell of a log fire, a good hearty meal, and of course some great company.  One thing we’re all really looking forward to as well is our new guilty pleasure for winter…a selection of new hot chocolate flavours from Pendragon.

“Before cocoa powder was invented, hot chocolate was a decadent and luxurious drink made from only the finest real chocolate.

Then along came cocoa powder, which was cheap to make, but poor in flavour.  Going back to basics, all our luxury hot chocolates use REAL Belgian chocolate flakes.”

Our new hot chocolate flavours will be with us over the winter months…perhaps combined with a touch of whisky or brandy to warm those cockles after a full day out!

White chocolate:

A creamy drink which is steadily growing in popularity.  Finely grated to melt quickly and loaded with cocoa butter for a smooth, indulgent taste. – 30% cocoa

Dark chocolate:

Take a trip to the dark side… This hot chocolate is strong, rich and very simple to make.  Popular with vegans – 54% cocoa

Dark chocolate and orange:

Orange is one of the most popular and widely used chocolate flavours.  It has taken them a while to produce this flavour but finally it is here! – 54% Cocoa


A gorgeous recipe using a blend of milk chocolate, ginger and a few other spices.  Not just for Christmas, this flavour is great all year round. – 45% cocoa

When you next stay with us, or you’re just passing through, pop into our Waypoint Bar and try one of our winter warmer hot chocolate flavours. Come and grab something to eat at our Brasserie and sit by the fire in our drawing room.

The Lovat Loch Ness the perfect place to… Keep warm.

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Post by Dan Mitchell

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