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You tend to find that a lot of head chefs and their kitchen staff keep their recipes quite close to their chest, a little like a magician’s trick.  Well, in this troubling time we all need to pull together and make the most of what we have.  In the coming weeks while we deal with this pandemic, we will be writing some blogs about meals you can make with what you have in the cupboard.  We hope this helps…


Risotto (plain)


200g                 Arborio Rice

600ml              White Chicken Stock or Vegetable Stock

20ml                Olive Oil

50g                   Butter

25ml                White Wine

2                       Shallots



Finely chop shallots and cook in the olive oil and butter without colour, add the rice and cook for 2 minutes until opaque, add the wine and cook until completely absorbed by the rice, boil the stock and add a third, cook until absorbed then add another third, when absorbed slowly add the last of the stock (you may not need all of it).

It should be creamy but firm.  Spread out onto a tray and leave to cool – or blast chill in the freezer

Store in the fridge – use within 3 days.

Suggestion:  we use freshly grated parmesan to add flavour

Wild garlic pesto

(also known as Ramsons, are in full season now up until end of May.)


100g    wild garlic leaves (washed and dried)

1          clove of fresh garlic

50g      skinless toasted hazelnuts/pumpkin seeds/pine nuts

60g      parmesan cut into small cubes

200g    Scottish rapeseed oil



Place all ingredients in a food processor and blitz until you have a coarse pesto consistency.

You could replace half the wild garlic with rocket for a more peppery taste.



The white flowers are great as garnish for other dishes too!


If you live in the local area and have trouble getting food, please get in touch as we are making food boxes for a hotel to home delivery service.  For more information, prices and delivery times please contact the hotel directly on or call on 01456 490 000


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