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Sour Dough has a majestic beauty.  And despite taking longer to make than a normal loaf…it is certainly worth the wait.

The ancient recipe of simply flour, water and wild yeast is genius really – offering a fermented sourness that tantalises the tastebuds and even has potential digestive and health benefits.  Whatever goodness it brings, whatever challenges it poses, whatever competitions it strikes up between family members and chefs worldwide – it is a loveable loaf that tastes amazing.

With a spread of butter; dipped in pesto; sandwiched between fillings; accompanied by some rich cheese; toasted; fresh; as a pizza base or croutons…this basic bread captures our imagination and keeps us wanting more as well as challenging us to perfection…the best structure, the best crumb and the best score.

Watch Sean Kelly’s tutorial on how to make sourdough.  A question and answer session is to follow in the coming weeks along with ideas on how to make your starter.

Have fun and enjoy this video!  Post your results too!

We look forward to welcoming you to the hotel at some point in the future so you can taste our sour dough in the restaurant.



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Post by Linda Dumpe

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