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As children, feeding the ducks was one of our favourite pass times. Watching the ducks waddle around while us humans launch lumps of bread in their direction. If you have a toddler, then feeding the ducks was on the itinerary of your family day out. It’s what you’re taught when you’re young, and it passes down from generation to generation.

But… its time for a change, to stop what we know from a young age. We think we’re doing a good thing, unfortunately we’re not.

Feeding bread to ducks and birds is harmful, causing them to have an extremely unhealthy and high-calorie diet, high in protein and carbohydrates but low in the vitamins that they need, such as Vitamin D, and E, as well as Magnesium.  Having such a high calorie diet can lead to many complications for ducks and birds, including death.

Some of the bread that is thrown into the water for the ducks escapes their grasp, high calorie-rich foods accumulate in the water, plus the added duck droppings, can trigger algae blooms which deplete oxygen from the water. This can wipe out pond life and the result would be a loss of natural food supplies for the ducks and birds.

As I said, sounds ri-duck-ulous… But it’s not!

Please carry on with your family’s tradition, enjoy your days out, show your children how to love our wildlife. But please feed the ducks a healthy alternative to bread. Try seeds, peas, or corn.

After you have fed the ducks down at the Caledonian canal, why not pop up to us at the Lovat and we can feed you. Book a table at our Brasserie (taste our bread!) or just pop in for a drink at our Waypoint Bar .

The Lovat Loch Ness, the perfect place to …. Stop on your family day out.

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Post by Dan Mitchell

2 thoughts on "Sounds ri-duck-ulous, but it’s not!"


    Hi I am Heather Bell and I was the person who sent the duck information to various businesses in Fort Augustus including the Lovat and I am so pleased to see that it has been taken up with the hotel.

    1. Dan Mitchell says:

      Hi Heather, thank you so much for sending us the information. Our local wildlife is very important to us.

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