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I think the best part of a takeaway is unpacking the goods on the table, savouring the smells and then sitting down to devour.  Who doesn’t like a takeaway meal?  You can’t beat someone else cooking your food and them delivering it to your door ready to eat!

From the first takeaway service in Pompeii that served up ready-made hot food to the Roman lower-classes to the US & UK takeaway revolution in 1950s.  The Lovat Loch Ness has now diversified and is offering a takeaway delivery service during this crazy Coronavirus lock-down in Fort Augustus.

Where New York saw horse-drawn deliveries we are using our electric car – how times have changed!  Currently we are offering ready to cook meals as well as food boxes.  We also have a pizza delivery service on a Friday & Saturday however would like to offer something else on a Thursday.  Both Sean & I have a slightly different opinion on what you may want to takeaway on Thursday so instead of us guessing, we thought we’d let you have your say.  So…what takeaways would you like delivered to your door and we can then contemplate adding one of them to our weekly food offering.

Telford Thursday Takeaway – in preparation for the #clapforourcarers at 8:00pm we would like to consider a new takeaway meal between 5:00pm – 7:30pm.  To top it off we will donate proceeds from each meal sale to the NHS and we think the perfect place to donate this is to is our local Telford Centre Care Home.  Once lock down is over and we have stopped our Thursday meal delivery we can then calculate the proceeds to be donated to them for all their hard work and send over a celebratory cheque.  We’ll keep you updated on how the fund is coming along.

Sean & I never thought we’d be serving takeaway meals from our Lovat kitchen but we are so happy to be keeping busy for the local community and our key worker guests.  On top of that of course we are doing something we love – cooking combined with customer service!

Thanks everyone for your continued support – together we’ll get through this!

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Post by Caroline Gregory

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