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Potato and Wild Garlic Soup



1              chopped onion

25g         unsalted butter

1              garlic clove

250g      potatoes (peeled and chopped)

100g      whipping cream

1l             chicken or vegetable stock

200g       wild garlic to flavour and colour

season to taste



Sweat the onion and clove of garlic in the butter then add the potatoes.  Continue to sweat then cover with the stock and simmer until cooked.  Add the cream and then the wild garlic and blitz, then season to taste.

TIP 1 – add the wild garlic at the end of the process to retain the flavour and also the green colour.

TIP 2 – add the wild garlic to hot liquid before blitzing to wild the leaves and make it easier to blend

TIP 3 – when reheating the soup – make sure to not boil it


Let us know how you get on with this recipe and remember to make the bannock to accompany this soup, as it will make a perfect dunking companion especially if a dreich day in the Scottish Highlands!  We love wild garlic and it is in abundance in Fort Augustus at this time of year so pop to the hotel for lunch and dinner and you’ll get to sample it on our menu.  Our other wild garlic recipes can be found here.

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Post by Caroline Gregory

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