Meet the Team

Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

Meet the team - Introducing our Front of House Manager, Tiff -

Where are you originally from?

- This is one of my favourite games to play with guests because quite a few people get confused by my accent... I am going to let you know my secret: I am French... From Brittany to be exact.


What do you miss the most about home?

- Not to sound cliché but probably the food, ohh do I miss the food! The crepes and galettes, the saucisson and the cheeses! My lord the cheeses! (and also the bread!)... I do miss my family too but you know, the stomach wants what the stomach wants… or it is the heart?


How long have you been working at The Lovat?

- I have been working at The Lovat for just over 4 years now. Before Brexit and Covid, quite a sense of timing!


What is the most challenging part of your job?

- Dealing with the Kitchen *laugh*... Jokes aside, probably the 2 week build up to a big event. The fear of having missed a crucial detail is very challenging!


What is your favourite dish from the menu?

- Our menu being seasonally inspired makes it hard to choose one dish because the menu changes regularly but I particularly liked our potato dish with cheese espuma for the savoury side. For dessert the latest version of the Auld Man’s Milk hands down! And, I have got to say the Bannock bread is also one of my favourites.


What is your favourite cocktail to serve?

- Highland Drive - It’s my favourite on the current menu. Sweet and sour, lovely colour... And a surprise to the taste!


Where would you recommend guests to go for a walk?

- The trail passing through the sheep fields and up to Loch Tarff... It’s quite strenuous, but worth it! Or the Secret lady falls... Can be quite muddy, and you can encounter a deer or two on the way.


What is your favourite season?

- Late Summer-beginning of Autumn when the colours start changing or early Spring (before the midges) when Nature awakens.

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