Chef de Partie

Reporting to Junior Sous Chef

Responsible for junior chefs, preparing staff meals, tidy dry store, overall kitchen standards and knowledge

Your Purpose

Fulfil your role as a chef in the kitchen, on your section and helping on other sections as required. Work directly with the kitchen team and work in partnership with the Front of House team and hotel management to drive the food and beverage strategy to ensure success in line with business ambitions.

Expected Behaviours

Open: to new ideas, opinions, changing, owning mistakes.

Commit: to completing tasks and supporting the team and individuals.

Respect: yourself, each other and the environment.

Energy: use empathy, look after yourself and others.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Knowledge of dishes, cooking and presentation on your section
  • Organise your section
  • Place all your orders on time

Expected leadership Behaviours:

  • Manage your time efficiently
  • Help out on other sections
  • Learn and evolve as a chef

Key Area - Product



  • Inspect and taste all foods to maintain quality standards and uphold health regulations.
  • Proactive, innovative and creative upgrading of the menus and dining experience

KPI (measurement)

  • Maintain kitchen standards, a 3 rosette and 4 star standard - aspiring to 4 rosette, 5 star standard
  • Responsible for knowledge of dishes, cooking and presentation on your section




  • Proactively, innovatively and creatively upgrade the guest and employee’s experience

KPI (measurement)

  • Actively listen to feedback




  • Inspect food storage areas (including fridges and freezers), kitchen equipment and food preparation areas to meet hotel Cook Safe standards and EHO regulations.
  • Effective liaison with hotel management regarding maintenance of any equipment.
  • Ensure that all activities are carried out honestly, ethically and within the parameters of Scottish Law.

KPI (measurement)

  • Complete and maintain an Emergency First Aid Training Certificate
  • Complete and maintain a Fire Extinguisher Certificate
  • Responsible for temperatures and filing of records
  • Contribute to any EHO assessment when required
  • Good kitchen and personal hygiene as detailed in the House Rules
  • Have Basic Food Hygiene certificate




  • Develop internal communications and processes between the kitchen, front of house and management
  • Review and monitor health, safety and hygiene policies and procedures
  • Control stock, supporting the team with orders and deliveries

KPI (measurement)

  • Correct storage of food stuffs as detailed in the House Rules
    Clean and tidy the dry store weekly
  • Inform management when finishing shift and before leaving the building
  • Follow recycling procedures
  • Assist with the control, receipt, storage & issue of supplies
    Assist with following the programme for cleaning the kitchen & its equipment




  • Manage and control daily operations, making suitable changes and adjustments to best suit the business
  • Assist in menu planning including staff meals to determine that sufficient items are ordered weekly
  • Implement any cleaning programs for all kitchen areas

KPI (measurement)

  • Responsible for knowledge of dishes, cooking and presentation on own section
    Support management by completing all daily tasks
  • Assist in preparing and cooking the weekly meal plan for staff meals
  • Attend morning meetings
  • Adapt daily to business changes, positively taking extra bookings in the Restaurant or for food requests

Key Area - People



  • Identify any gaps in the team and advise management
  • Support HR in any training and development, highlighting areas for improvement

KPI (measurement)

  • Listen, learn & put into practise all aspects advised in training
  • Complete FLOW training modules
  • Update the paper rota daily
  • Update your weekly timesheet and submit on SAGEHR by Sunday, 12noon




  • Contribute to morale and team spirit by maintaining effective relationships with colleagues
  • Assist in implementation of any training plans, taking responsibility and supporting the team

KPI (measurement)

  • Use knowledge and experience to train others
  • Help, guide and support junior members of the team in their training
  • Core values to be maintained at all times

Key Area - Profits



  • Manage your time and others, efficiently
  • Price check all purchases to maintain GPs in line with business targets

KPI (measurement)

  • Absenteeism and lateness at 5% or below



  • Play a broader role in the business being more socially responsible

KPI (measurement)

  • Uphold the Diversity and Inclusion Policy, maintaining Gold GTBS and working towards a Green Michelin Star