The best walks around Loch Ness

In Fort Augustus, you will find beauty at every turn. Our little quaint village is surrounded by viewpoints of Loch Ness, neighbouring wildlife, and wonderful walking trails to immerse and lose yourself in.

Allt Na Criche

A couple of moments’ drive north outside of the village you will find Allt Na Criche, a stunning forest walk ideal for removing the stress and strain of the 9 to 5. This trail is great for a quiet stroll, taking your four-legged family member for an adventure, or spotting wildlife darting in and out of the foliage. The trail is clearly marked as it weaves between the birch and pine trees, you will find several locations with large stone steps and cascading waterfalls. The trail will lead you to a bench with a beautiful viewpoint over Fort Augustus and Loch Ness, the perfect place to take a moment and really soak up your surroundings. You can find a trail map and information at Forestry and Land Scotland.


Lady Falls

Lady Falls is a bit of a local secret, also known as the secret waterfall. If you are quiet enough this woodland trail is ideal for spotting stags and deer as they pass by in the surrounding woodlands. As you follow the trail you will find yourself on a narrow single-file track that leads to a wonderful 20ft waterfall. You can stand quite close to the waterfall, the crashing sound of water and moisture in the air reminds you that you are now in company with nature. This trail is within walking distance of the hotel, we recommend getting directions from a team member while you are staying with us as the trail is not clearly marked.


Torr Dhuin & River Oich trail

Both tranquil and secluded trails can be found side by side in Fort Augustus. Torr Dhuin is a shorter trail but more strenuous, this trail will take you up into the mountains where you will find what remains of an iron age fort. It is believed that in prehistoric times, this fort defended the important route through the mountains. Once there, you will find spectacular views of Fort Augustus and its surroundings. The River Oich trail is a longer more moderate route that will take you along the banks of the river. On a beautiful sunny day, this is the ideal picnic spot, you will find yourself accompanied by ducks, water birds and red squirrels. If you’re lucky (and quiet) you may even spot an otter. You can find a trail map and information at Forestry and Land Scotland.