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Congratulations to our Employee of September.

Paul & Luis

 “Both of these individuals have given of themselves over the course of the last month, changing their shifts at the last minute and moving from one job to the next to make sure that everything is done in time. They have both supported each other in their job roles and have been working extra hard throughout this month moving from HK and KP each day or throughout the day – both learning and improving as they go – no bother, no hassle and always smiling… Even singing on occasion! They have both stepped up to the challenge and have been crucial in supporting the HK team and the hotel team as a whole over the past few weeks.”

Well done!!

Other nominees:

Kayla – I never see her stop! She’s a great support in all areas. Really taking this management role in her stride and stepping up to the plate when needed.

Peter – Always wanting to please and is consciously trying to get it right – works quickly and is improving every day – polite and hardworking.

Blake – It’s not all happened over the last month but he’s done a cracking job with Andy on the staff house and the kitchen garden. He’s never too far away if you need help (that’s if he’s got his radio on!)

Jesse –  Has really stepped up in HK while Georgi was away, she’s always very polite and kind even when she’s under pressure.

Alana – Taking more responsibility on with ease – keep going girl!!

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Post by Dan Mitchell

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