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The Gregory family is made up of 3 incredible sisters:  Rohaise, Alison and Caroline.  Big sister Rohaise runs The Torridon, middle sister Alison is a paediatric consultant at The Great North Children’s Hospital and wee sister Caroline runs The Lovat Loch Ness.

In December 2017 all lives were turned upside down when Ali was told the devastating news that she had a brain tumour.  Ali has been fit and healthy all her life and has raised 3 gorgeous children as well as been a wonderful wife to her devoted husband, Joe.

Ali is: a master cake baker; palliative care advocate; fun-loving, crazy, mad dancer; kind, generous and loving individual; and an avid runner, who has been Incredible throughout this whole ordeal.  She has been spurred on by her running buddies – remembering to laugh where possible.

This is what she has to say about her running support team – The Cappuccino Crew:

“These girls have kept me running come rain or shine.  They have supported me through the darkest of times, encouraged me to get out of bed, pound the road, laugh, cry and finish with the essential coffee and cake!  It has been, and still is, the toughest of roads and I couldn’t have done it without them.  I never thought I would make it this far.”

Ali loves a giggle so when she came up with the idea to run The Great North Run in Incredible suits – our uniform – our mission – our leader, Mrs Incredible, was born!

This is what she has to say about her next running challenge:

“After the madness of the Incredibles doing the Great North Run last year, a few of us have decided to take on the London Marathon!!  In December 2017 I was given the devastating news of a brain tumour.  I went through brain surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  Now living with uncertainty, I have had to pick myself up, focus on the living and enjoy being with my wonderful family and friends.

My focus has been on the next challenge.  Firstly the GNR and now the London Marathon. I can only do this with my Incredible Cappuccino Crew who keep me running, come rain or shine.  We have laughs, we have tears but we always end up with a coffee and cake at our lovely local Davidson’s bakers who never seem to get fed up with our long coffee orders!  These girls keep everyone going on the long runs, I seriously couldn’t do it without them. They are my true rock, very special friends who support me and are getting fit without even realising it!!  This wonderful group are always looking for the next challenge including a Wheelbarrow Race, Santa run,Tough mudder, Man v Mountain, 10K Half marathon beach runs, 10 miler, 20 miler and marathon!  Yes they are completely bonkers!!

You will be getting many requests this year but even if you can donate £1, it will mean so much to us and help us get through the 26.2 miles, knowing we are making a difference.

Thank you so much in advance for your support and a Huge Thank You from me to the amazing, Incredible Cappuccino Crew!!”

A ‘Gary Barlow’ charity event with 300 guests is being held on Saturday, 9th March 2019 in Newcastle and The Lovat Loch Ness will be hosting varying events before the London marathon in April 2019 to raise money for the 3 charities.

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