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While you’re staying with us, we’ll always recommend local walking paths to get you out into nature.  One that’s on the top of our list – Falls of Foyers.

Just 13 miles away from the Lovat, this local walk is littered with wonderful views towards Loch Ness.  To top it off, there’s also a breath-taking waterfall into a gorge.  Opposite the start of the walk down towards the gorge there is a sweet little café.  It’s worth using the services there before you set off…a little advice from experience!  There are a few information boards placed at the start which give details on the falls, red squirrels and history of Foyers.

The steps down towards the falls are a little steep but well maintained.  Depending on the weather, it can become quite muddy and slippery, so we always recommend suitable footwear.

The first stop off point is the high viewpoint of the falls, there are many trip hazards here so be careful.  The power of the falls depends on the rain over the previous days.  After heavy rain you will see the falls at their most powerful and spectacular.  Due to the gorge, the water curls and comes back up past the high viewpoint giving the impression that it’s raining upwards, it’s very strange.

Carrying on down the track, the second part of the path becomes a little more rocky and uneven.  Before you get to the main viewpoint of the falls there are some beautiful views towards Loch Ness.  This time of year, you can expect the falls to be powerful, also the area surrounding the falls will always seem like it’s raining and wet so expect some freezing on the paths as well as the trees.

Once you reach the final viewpoint of the falls you will hear the water roar and will already have an impression of how big the torrent is going to be.  But, once you’re face to face, the 140ft waterfall will surprise you.  There is a little viewpoint directly opposite the waterfall with amazing views. Definitely a view you’ll want to experience with your own eyes, there are some views that you just cannot quite capture on film.  There are many jagged rocks, trip hazards, and slippery areas at this viewpoint so be careful.

When we introduce you to our local walks, we always recommend you take plenty of water, a waterproof jacket, and good footwear.  In the winter months we also recommend good gloves and a warm hat.

Before you set off, you can pick up a packed lunch from our Brasserie to take on your adventure.

The Lovat Loch Ness, the perfect place to… Find a nature walk.

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